The Crosby Business and Tax Services Ltd. Difference

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Wealth Management in NorthWest Calgary

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About Crosby Business and Tax Services Ltd.

We’re business and tax consultants that specialize in wealth management, tax preparation, and planning. Since we began providing our services six years ago, we have been providing personal and corporate tax services and business consulting to professionals and small businesses.

We’re a small, three-person team that serves the areas of North Calgary and Airdrie, but we are growing and expanding with each passing week.

The Crosby Business and Tax Services Ltd. Difference

We recognize that we are working with small business owners, and do not treat them as just numbers. We take the time to ensure they understand where they are and where they could be. We work very closely with our clients and often work even at a personal level with them. These aspects of functioning set us apart from the rest of our competitors.

What makes our company second to none, is that we go beyond just tax returns. We are there when decisions need to be made, right from personal life changes to expanding a business. We take great pride in helping a business grow, and we’re really proud of how we have helped small businesses to get through the last recession.

Our dream for the future is to double in size while maintaining our focus on small businesses and working professionals. Our vision is to grow our wealth management client base by providing quality tax strategies tailored to their unique requirements.

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