Located in Calgary, Canada, Crosby Business and Tax Services Ltd. is a wealth management consulting team. Our focus is professionals and small businesses. We take a tax approach to help accumulate your pre-tax wealth, grow and preserve your after-tax wealth, and help you transition into retirement and beyond.

Crosby Business and Tax Services Ltd. is looking to build a core group of clients. Our clients enjoy amazing rates, the ability to call for advice as often as needed, referrals to other professionals inside our network, and the flexibility of various programs, from monthly services to annual services. It is not our goal to be the largest firm, but to provide exceptional service; that as we follow the changes in the economy, to be able to educate our clients and be there for them.

At Crosby Business and Tax Services Ltd., we are different. We help clients get control of their finances. We deal with complex issues like being the victims of fraud, the collapse of the economy, and government audits. We have also assisted clients with advice regarding purchasing new homes, equipment for their business, human resource matters, and corporate finances.

We provide the following services:

Corporate and Personal Income Tax Preparation – We work closely with you to ensure your corporate and personal tax strategies are executed. We pride ourselves in being up to date and current in the ever changing tax world.

Corporate and Personal Income Tax Strategies – This is our field of specialty; our goal is to manage your wealth and we believe that the best tool any Canadian has is a good tax strategy.

Bookkeeping services – From bank reconciliations and government remittances (GST, Source Deductions, WCB, T-Slip Preparation, etc.), to monthly reporting.

Other services offered are management advice, year end working papers, investment reconciliations for family trust and traders, and succession planning.